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We provide residential and commercial services for solar panels, in the Colorado Springs area.

Residential solar panels are a great option for homeowners looking to make a solid financial investment and reduce their carbon footprint. SunTalk’s designs and installations for solar electric systems maximize efficiency for your home. We are Colorado Springs natives, so we know solar can help. We keep the process simple for you and work to ensure you are satisfied with your experience. Schedule a consultation today so we can help you reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bill.

Incentives And Benefits for A Residential Solar Power System In Colorado Springs, CO

The State of Colorado encourages homeowners to adopt solar energy in the form of several financial incentives. Many local utility companies in our state offer rebates to new solar customers, making the installation costs much more affordable.

State tax exemptions are also available to spur residential solar power in Colorado Springs. Residents can take advantage of initiatives that eliminate the sales tax from their installation and prevent homeowners from paying additional property taxes that arise since solar power increases their home’s value. You can see the Colorado State tax exemptions at the Colorado Department of Revenue site here.

Plenty of other financial incentives are on the table for Colorado residents who choose solar energy. They range from state help with mortgage payments, loans for new home improvements, selling excess energy back through net metering, and the ITC federal tax credit that cuts the cost of a solar panel system.

Tax credits and financial incentives aren’t the only benefits of residential solar panels in Colorado Springs, which also include:

  • Potential savings on energy bills

  • Protection against rising energy costs with stored solar power

  • Increase in your home’s property value

  • Durable, long-lasting panels that require very little if any maintenance

  • Protection of the environment through reduction of your carbon footprint

How does Residential Solar Power In Colorado Springs Work?

Solar energy is generated from the sun. Solar panels consisting of photovoltaic cells capture the sun’s rays and convert them into electric energy. This energy is sent to your home’s electrical conduit or panel, where it’s sent to the various rooms, appliances, and electrical components of your home.

Solar energy is different from traditional electricity in several ways. Most obviously, it uses natural resources rather than carbon or fossil fuel. This results in a product that’s more beneficial to the environment since it reduces harmful carbon emissions.

The nature of solar power also makes it a more flexible resource than traditional electricity. When a home solar power system produces more energy than it needs, homeowners can “sell” the power back to utility companies in exchange for credits on their utility bill, in a process called “net metering.”

Residential solar power installation helps customers on several fronts: by decreasing the size of their carbon footprint, giving them more control over their home energy profile, and creating an opportunity to save money every month.
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Is My Home A Good Fit For Residential Solar Panel Installation?

Solar power is versatile enough to be a solid choice for most homes. Nevertheless, there are several factors to consider before opting to install a residential solar power system in Colorado Springs, CO.

Geography. Solar panels work directly with the sun, of course, so the more sun your property gets the more power you’ll collect. But even if your home is surrounded by trees, tall fences, or other shade, it’s still possible to generate a sufficient amount of energy with the use of a few additional devices and a well-built system.

Panel location. The most commonly known arrangement for solar panels is directly on rooftops, which get more exposure to the sun than most other parts of houses. But if your roof isn’t in the best condition to hold solar panels, it’s possible to install solar collectors in other areas of your property by simply mounting them onto a patch of empty ground.

Number of panels needed. Your home’s energy needs play the biggest part in deciding how many individual solar panels must be installed. The amount of wattage your home typically uses should be shown on your monthly bill. Other factors include the amount of sunlight your property usually gets over a given time, and the size and efficiency of certain types of panels.

Mounting materials. Whatever structure you use to mount solar panels should be able to accommodate the anchors, which are typically made from aluminum or steel.

How much solar energy costs. Different areas charge different rates. But with residential solar panel installation, customers usually have more options when it comes to financing and potential rebates than they do with traditional energy sources.

Financing A Residential Solar Power Installation With Suntalk Solar

SunTalk Solar can help our new customers get their solar power installation financed to make investing more affordable. We will work with your finance company to help you find programs that have low interest rates, or allow you to borrow against your home equity. Some repayment options even result in monthly bills that are less than the savings you achieve through using solar power.

SunTalk representatives can help determine what financing options you’re eligible for. Contact us to find out more about solar panel installation for your home.


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