Electrical Contracting Services in Colorado

For more than a decade, Sun Talk Solar has been one of the go-to electrical contractors in Denver and all of Colorado.   We are one of the top electrical contractors in Denver for multi-family, commercial and industrial properties. Our team of professionals works around the clock to install, repair, and maintain all electrical aspects of almost any building.

Trust Sun Talk Solar to be your one-stop-shop for electrical contracting. Unlike other smaller and less-experienced contracting companies, we offer a wide array of services that covers almost everything that a multi-family project or business might need when it comes to electricity.



Multi-Family Electrical Contractor

Multi-family construction is our main electrical focus. Projects as small as 40 units and as large as 800+ units are well within our financial and electrical capabilities. With a significant bonding capacity, SUNTALK can handle any multi-family electrical contracting project.


Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractors

SUNTALK has a full range of electrical services to choose from. We specialize in new multi-family projects, large commercial/industrial warehouse/distribution centers, LED lighting upgrades and even residential and commercial solar systems. Our electrical contracts range from $100k to $7M in size.


Design Build, Design Assist

SUNTALK offers turnkey electrical construction including design build, design assist, pre construction electrical budget and value engineering. Utilizing our in house experienced commercial electrical expertise along with capable electrical industry partners, SUNTALK incorporates the owner’s expectations into budget-friendly and value priced electrical systems.



To keep a building safe, many different electrical systems are required. Here is a brief list of electrical contracting safety services that we offer:

  • Fire alarms
  • CO2 alarms
  • Parking lot lights installation
  • Elevator power setup and maintenance
  • Service upgrades to any outdated safety-related electrical system

Get in touch for a free consultation on how to make your property as safe as possible with effective electrical safety systems.


Want to go solar, either to save money or save the planet (or both)? Sun Talk Solar is here to help. It’s in the name! We can install new solar energy systems or repair existing ones. When the sun comes out, you’ll be paying that much less for electricity. Sun Talk Solar is a multi-family home electrical contractor, industrial electric contractor, and commercial electrical contractor. No matter how many solar panels you need for your home or place of business, we have you covered.

General Electrical

From A to Z, Sun Talk Solar can outfit your building with the necessary general electrical systems. Along with simple tasks like running electricity and lighting through offices and conference rooms, we are also able to help out with more complex tasks like building automation and effective energy management systems. No matter whether you need to hire an industrial electrical contractor or a multi-family project electrical contractor, Sun Talk Solar should always be the first name on your mind.

Give us a call at (303) 904-2268 and tell us about the status of your building. We’ll provide a free consultation to recommend general electrical contracting services so your building is outfitted with everything it needs at a price that fits your budget.

Preventive maintenance

Like all systems, the electrical capabilities of any building, whether commercial or residential, will wear out from time to time. Once an electrical component has worn out, electricity may stop completely. For many homes and businesses, going hours or days without power is completely unacceptable.

To prevent outright failure from occurring in electrical systems, consistent maintenance is required to catch small problems before they evolve into big ones. Contact us today and tell us about your electrical systems. We’ll be able to lay out a preventative maintenance schedule that all but guarantees outright failure is a thing of the past.

Repairs and Troubleshooting

Electrical components can be expensive, and reducing business costs is always something to keep in mind. We are able to diagnose your electrical systems and components to see what the problem is, then make the necessary repairs to ensure that the system functions properly again. In many cases, thanks to our expert troubleshooting, you can often save hundreds or thousands of dollars by repairing, rather than replacing, faulty equipment.

Equipment Installation & Maintenance

On an industrial plant or worksite, there are a seemingly infinite number of controls, equipment, and wiring systems to worry about. Here at Sun Talk Solar, we’ve helped dozens of industrial clients with their systems. No matter how complicated your needs as a business are, our trained professionals are ready to get the job done quickly, easily, and safely.

Our fully licensed professionals are on-call to help in anyway possible


Local Businesses

Retail, restaurants, medical facilities, offices, and more. If you have a standard commercial building that needs electrical contracting services, we’d love to help make sure everything goes off without a hitch. From general lighting needs all the way to parking garage systems, we do it all.

New Construction

Building something new? Bring in Sun Talk Solar to make sure all of the electrical components are installed properly. No matter the size of your site or where you are in the construction process, as a commercial electrical contractor and industrial electrical contractor, Sun Talk Solar is here to help.


Manufacturing plants and facilities trust Sun Talk Solar to tackle the most difficult jobs. From power system installation to equipment installation and repair, our team can get the job done on your schedule and at a price that fits into your desired budget. Trust us to inspect your electrical equipment to prevent potential failure (and loss of revenue). Sun Talk Solar is the #1 industrial electrical contractor in Denver.


When it comes to electrical contracting, commercial and industrial sites benefit from hiring one single electrical contractor to take care of all of their electrical needs. By consolidating responsibility to one contractor rather than many, everything is streamlined. So what makes Sun Talk Solar the best commercial electrical contractor in Denver?

Licensed and certified. Rest easy by knowing Sun Talk Solar has the proper authority to work on your site.

Experienced. Work with the best of the best to give yourself peace of mind. Our technicians have decades upon decades of combined experience.

Up-to-date. We stay on the cutting edge of technology to offer the best products and services possible.

Insured. Hopefully, everything goes off without a hitch. But should something go wrong, you’re covered.

All Services. Prevent problems, install new systems, and repair existing systems and components with the vast array of electrical contracting services we offer.

Flexibility. Every client has different needs. Get in touch today and we’ll work around your schedule to complete the job.

Consultation. Hit the ground running with a cost-effective solution to electrical contracting that has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Knowledge. We’re familiar with all local building codes and regulations to make sure our systems are completely compliant.

Colorado’s Own Commercial & Industrial Contractor

Offering turnkey solutions for new construction projects throughout the Colorado Front Range, SUNTALK is dedicated to providing every customer with high quality electrical contracting services.  Every one of our commercial electricians is licensed and insured so you can rest easy that your project is in the hands of experienced professionals.

For a free, comprehensive site survey, give us a call today!

Suntalk Solar Denver


Qualified agents are standing by to take your call. Tell us a little bit about your multi-family home, local business, construction project, or industrial facility. We’ll put together a step-by-step game plan for installing, maintaining, and repairing all of the complicated electrical components you need to keep everything running smoothly. Click here or call (303) 904-2268 to get started now.