SunTalk helps homeowners lower their electricity bills with solar. We offer the best solar programs that produce instant monthly savings and with usually zero money down. Save on your electricity costs from day one.

That’s it, pay nothing, save money. It is that simple.

SunTalk is a local, fully licensed and insured solar contractor serving homes and businesses throughout the Denver area and the Front Range. There’s never been a better time to save money, make a solid personal investment, and improve the environment.

Colorado’s Most Experienced Industrial & Commercial Electrical Contractors

Founded as a low-voltage wiring and residential solar company, SunTalk has expanded our team of licensed commercial electricians to meet the demands of Colorado’s growing renewable energy and construction industries. Committed to providing quality commercial electric services to clients throughout Colorado, our highly skilled industrial electricians have a thorough knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC).  With over 1000 projects completed annually, our electrical contracting experts have extensive experience managing projects large and small. It is our commitment to quality, safety, and scalability that makes our team stand out from the competition.

While our main focus today is multi-family electrical construction, SUNTALK offers a range of residential and commercial electrical services.  By offering turnkey electrical construction services for projects ranging from the $100k-$7M mark, SUNTALK’s electrical contracting services can handle virtually every project from start to finish.

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Solar Panel Installation Denver Solar


SunTalk is a full-service electrical contractor with a team of professionals ready to launch your solar panel installation project. Our experienced solar engineers will develop designs that meet jurisdictional requirements, maximize production and take into consideration the aesthetics of your space. As part of our design process, we provide construction-ready project documents to make sure all parties are on the same page. At SUNTALK, we are we are proud to offer some of the most competitive pricing on solar panel installation in town.

Solar Panel Installation

Our fully licensed professionals are on-call to help in anyway possible

 Denver’s Solar Systems Leader

Colorado is frequently at the forefront of innovative technologies designed to do less harm to the environment while improving the lives of residents.  SunTalk Solar takes part in this proud tradition as a full-service electrical contractor specializing in solar installation, and today we are one of the leading solar installation and supply sources in Denver, offering a variety of residential and commercial services. 

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Residential and Commercial Solar Panels in Denver

SunTalk Solar is Denver’s leading commercial electrical contractor for homes and businesses switching over to solar power. We’ve helped homeowners reduce their utility bills and carbon footprints with top-quality solar panels, and helped local companies become eco-friendly businesses while cutting their energy costs.

Converting to solar in Denver has never been easier, or more attractive, than right now, and SunTalk is with you at every phase of your changeover from traditional to green energy sources. Through project design, financing, installation, and inspection, SunTalk Solar takes the extra steps to ensure you get the best support and construction at an affordable cost.


Residential solar panel installation

SunTalk is ready to bring the clean, renewable power of solar energy to your home. As a certified industrial electrician and contractor, we’ve helped hundreds of Denver area homes realize the incredible cost savings and efficiency of solar panels.

With environmental awareness and the benefits of eco-friendly power profiles at historic highs, there’s never been a better time than now to end your home’s reliance on traditional, fossil fuels and enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy.

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Commercial solar panels in Denver

Business managers and owners of commercial buildings have never had more reason to switch to clean energy policies than right now. Along with the sizable cuts in a company’s energy bills, solar energy can spur the activation of tax incentives, higher business value and great long-term returns on capital investment. Add the considerable marketing strength of being known as an eco-friendly business and the decision to convert to solar energy looks better and better.

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