SunTalk helps homeowners lower their electricity bills with solar. We offer the best solar programs that produce instant monthly savings and with usually zero money down. Save on your electricity costs from day one.

That’s it, pay nothing, save money. It is that simple.

SunTalk is a local, fully licensed and insured solar contractor serving homes and businesses throughout the Denver area and the Front Range. There’s never been a better time to save money, make a solid personal investment, and improve the environment.

Colorado’s Most Experienced Industrial & Commercial Electrical Contractors

Founded as a low-voltage wiring and residential solar company, SunTalk has expanded our team of licensed commercial electricians to meet the demands of Colorado’s growing renewable energy and construction industries. Committed to providing quality commercial electric services to clients throughout Colorado, our highly skilled industrial electricians have a thorough knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC).  With over 1000 projects completed annually, our electrical contracting experts have extensive experience managing projects large and small. It is our commitment to quality, safety, and scalability that makes our team stand out from the competition.

While our main focus today is multi-family electrical construction, SUNTALK offers a range of residential and commercial electrical services.  By offering turnkey electrical construction services for projects ranging from the $100k-$7M mark, SUNTALK’s electrical contracting services can handle virtually every project from start to finish.

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Solar Panel Installation Denver Solar


SunTalk is a full-service electrical contractor with a team of professionals ready to launch your solar panel installation project. Our experienced solar engineers will develop designs that meet jurisdictional requirements, maximize production and take into consideration the aesthetics of your space. As part of our design process, we provide construction-ready project documents to make sure all parties are on the same page. At SUNTALK, we are we are proud to offer some of the most competitive pricing on solar panel installation in town.

Solar Panel Installation

Our fully licensed professionals are on-call to help in anyway possible


Colorado is frequently at the forefront of innovative technologies designed to do less harm to the environment while improving the lives of residents.  SunTalk Solar takes part in this proud tradition as a full-service electrical contractor specializing in solar installation, and today we are one of the leading solar installation and supply sources in Denver, offering a variety of residential and commercial services. 

 Residential Installation

We’re pleased to offer residential solar installation with no up-front costs.  After a free site survey, our expert technicians will help you to choose the right solar products and placement for your home, manage the permit and rebate application process, and install your solar panels with the least possible disruption to your life so you can start saving on energy costs immediately.

 Residential Solar Power Systems

Our trained professionals help every homeowner to choose the residential solar power system that delivers the utility savings and aesthetic appeal they expect.  Our Tier 1 panels offer a cost-effective means of converting to clean, green energy with a stellar price-to-performance ratio.  With no-cost installation, you can harness the power of the sun in your home and start saving on your monthly bills.

 Residential Electrical Contractor

Our highly-trained team of electrical contractors is licensed, insured, and ready to help homeowners achieve their renewable energy goals.  We have the skill and experience to plan and execute your solar installation to perfection, ensuring your project meets all jurisdictional standards.  We’re also committed to providing an aesthetically appealing addition to your home that won’t impact your curb appeal or your property value.

 Commercial Electrical Contractor

We’re happy to take on projects small and large, with particular focus on multi-family construction, as well as commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, and distribution centers.  Our skilled team of fully licensed and insured electrical contractors offers the expertise, engineering capabilities, and wide range of electrical services to serve all of your commercial and industrial needs.

 Commercial Installation

Powering your business for less starts by partnering with SunTalk Solar for installation services.  Whether you need an energy audit, a free consultation, or turnkey electrical construction solutions, we’re the full-service electrical contractor that’s ready to deliver.  With commercial solar installation from our highly-trained professionals, you’ll ensure incredible savings with renewable solar energy.


SunTalk Solar is Denver’s leading commercial electrical contractor for homes and businesses switching over to solar power. We’ve helped homeowners reduce their utility bills and carbon footprints with top-quality solar panels, and helped local companies become eco-friendly businesses while cutting their energy costs.

Converting to solar in Denver has never been easier, or more attractive, than right now, and SunTalk is with you at every phase of your changeover from traditional to green energy sources. Through project design, financing, installation, and inspection, SunTalk Solar takes the extra steps to ensure you get the best support and construction at an affordable cost.


Residential Solar Panel Installation

SunTalk is ready to bring the clean, renewable power of solar energy to your home. As a certified industrial electrician and contractor, we’ve helped hundreds of Denver area homes realize the incredible cost savings and efficiency of solar panels.

With environmental awareness and the benefits of eco-friendly power profiles at historic highs, there’s never been a better time than now to end your home’s reliance on traditional, fossil fuels and enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy.

Consultation. Switching to residential solar power systems is a wise decision, but it’s also a big step. SunTalk schedules a full consultation with homeowners to determine the solar installation that best fits their energy profile, budgetary goals, home aesthetics and compatibility with solar panels, and projected timeframe. We’ll provide a full and unbiased evaluation of your home and its suitability for conversion to solar energy.

Installation. SunTalk’s residential solar panel installation takes place as efficiently and discreetly as possible. Upon approval, our industrial electrician mounts new electrical equipment to the side of your home, installs wiring, and assembles solar panels on your roof. After final inspection from local authorities, you’re fully set to start powering your home with clean and cost-effective solar energy.


Benefits of Switching to Solar Power

Tax credits. In 2020, the Solar Incentive Tax Credit allows homeowners to deduct up to 26% from their federal taxes to install solar energy, with no cap on expenses. Current estimates project that this credit allows the average homeowner to save nearly $9,000 by switching to solar power. Other tax credits may also apply.

Utility incentives. Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards program rewards customers in its eight coverage states, including Colorado, a Renewal Energy Credit for transitioning to solar energy. Homeowners and entities using less than 25,000 kilowatts per month can receive utility credits of $0.02 per kilowatt-hour for ten years. This amount can decrease from time to time and may eventually vanish, so it’s important to take advantage of these incentives as soon as possible.

25-year warranty. All our solar panels are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty for both performance and equipment to protect your investment.

Financing options. SunTalk knows every homeowner’s fiscal profile is different. We offer several choices for financing and loans for purchasing your solar energy system.

Reducing environmental impact. Solar energy negates the production of greenhouse gases and pollution of air and water. Replacing traditional, more wasteful sources of energy with solar power can produce an immediate benefit to the environment.

Building home equity. Solar power panels can increase a home’s value—according to some recent estimates, by an average of more than 4% on homes in the United States. Although the projected increase in home value varies from state to state, saving money on your monthly energy bill can result in a substantial boost to your home’s value.


How Solar Energy Helps the Home

More energy efficiency. Solar panels use less energy. Using renewable energy sources and having the ability to store excess energy also improves your home’s energy profile.

Reducing carbon footprint. Solar energy is clean, with no emissions of greenhouse gases that harm the earth’s ecosystem.

Freedom from old sources of energy. Solar power removes your home’s dependence on the national power grid, as well as finite energy sources like fossil fuels and natural gas reserves.


Commercial Solar Panels in Denver

Business managers and owners of commercial buildings have never had more reason to switch to clean energy policies than right now. Along with the sizable cuts in a company’s energy bills, solar energy can spur the activation of tax incentives, higher business value and great long-term returns on capital investment. Add the considerable marketing strength of being known as an eco-friendly business and the decision to convert to solar energy looks better and better.

SunTalk is a commercial electrical contractor with years of experience upgrading businesses to clean, renewable solar energy. As a locally owned company, we’ve grown alongside the rise of solar in Denver. Our success hinges on our longtime partnerships with Colorado businesses seeking to upgrade their energy profiles to save money and help protect the environment.

Consultation. SunTalk consults with your business to outline the potential benefits of converting to solar energy. We examine your company’s energy use profile and determine what solar strategies and options fit your operational needs. We’ll also talk about your financing options, including possibilities opened by SunTalk’s membership in the C-PACE program.

Installation. SunTalk’s commercial solar panel installation happens efficiently with minimal disruption in your daily operations. Our industrial electricians and specialists conduct all equipment mounting, grounding, construction, and connection.


Benefits of Switching to Solar Power

Energy storage units available. Business managers can store energy during times of low demand when energy is inexpensive and release it back to the grid during times of higher demand and cost. The practice helps maximize power quality and ease of energy integration.

Reducing environmental impact. Solar energy restricts greenhouse gas production and doesn’t pollute air or water. By switching to solar panels from traditional energy sources, businesses that typically use a lot of power can make immediate and significant benefits to the environment.

Avoiding extra energy costs. Solar panels have a dramatic effect on a company’s overhead, and not just on the slash it will take to your energy costs. Knowing what your electric bill will look like in advance, rather than facing uncertainty in how much power you’ll be charged for, makes it easier to understand and plan your budget.

Better branding and marketing. Being certified and identified as an eco-friendly, sustainable or “green” business carries a lot of power with consumers and partners, even giving them a competitive advantage with their products or services. Green branding is a positive affirmation of your company’s core values and vision for the future.

Tax credits. The Solar Incentive Tax Credit currently allows businesses to deduct up to 26% from their federal taxes if they install solar energy, with no cap on the expense it costs a company to do so, for as long as your company uses solar power.


Commercial Solar Panel Options

Rooftop solar panels. The most well-known type of solar panel turns the top of your building into an eco-friendly power plant for your business.

Ground-mounted panels. SunTalk installs ground-mounted solar panels anywhere there’s space on your business property—perfect for businesses with asymmetrical or inaccessible roofs.

Carports. SunTalk constructs innovative carports for business and retail operations, with the dual purpose of harnessing your business’s solar energy and protecting your visitors’ vehicles.


How Solar Energy Can Help Businesses

More energy efficiency. Solar panels use less energy. Using renewable energy sources and having the ability to store excess energy also improves your business’ energy profile.

Reducing carbon footprints. Solar energy is clean, with no emissions of greenhouse gases that negatively impact the earth’s ecosystem.

Less reliance on old energy sources. Solar power removes your company’s reliance on finite energy sources like fossil fuels and natural gas reserves. With the additional option of stockpiling your company’s power in energy storage units, you’ll gain even more independence from traditional, fast-deprecating energy sources.


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