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Harnessing the power of light is our specialty at SunTalk Solar. We pride ourselves in being the best Denver solar installer. We serve customers across Denver and the Front Range that are looking to save on energy through solar panel installation.

Not only do our solar power systems installation services cut costs, but they also help our customers go green. We work closely with homeowners and businesses alike to make sure that they have the solar systems in place that can function successfully and efficiently.

Residential and Commerical Solar Power System Installation

From residential solar roof panels to commercial photovoltaic systems, our solar installation team takes care of it all. Customers come to us when they’re looking for the best solar installation Denver has to offer. Our team has knowledgeable professionals who can provide quality solar panel installation services at a fair price.

Our installation crews are experienced and efficient. We always use state-of-the-art products to provide customers with superior results and workmanship.

Our years of experience in commercial solar panel installation and residential solar power system installation sets us apart in the solar industry. Our solar systems are designed to be efficient and long-lasting, while simultaneously providing the highest safety and environmental standards for our customers.

Whether we are working on a commercial solar power system installation or installing panels on a home, we know which products will integrate well with existing equipment to deliver up the best results. We take the time to show our customers just how seamlessly our products will fit into the look of their proposed installation site, too.

The Solar Installation Process

Every commercial solar power installation and residential power system setup begins with a free consultation for our customers. When a customer reaches out, we take time to discuss our many product options and come to an agreement on which combination of elements would work best for a home or business.

Customers are often pleasantly surprised by how quickly we can complete our commercial solar panel installation and residential services. While installation can be done in a day, it’s important for customers to understand that preparing a site for service can take several weeks.

Once a site is ready to go, the installation process can begin. Our professional team will install solar panels and wiring as quickly as we can to ensure as few disruptions as possible to your work and home life.
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There’s no need to worry about anything being left behind when your commercial solar power installation or residential services are complete. We have a policy of leaving every property we work on exactly as we found it and we hold ourselves to meticulous clean-up standards.

A final walkthrough is the last step in the installation process. We make sure that every customer we serve understands how their new solar system works and how to power it on effectively.
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Solar Panel Installation Logistics

Our company follows a five-step process to make sure that every project we take on delivers up impeccable results.

An engineering site visit is essential to making sure that every detail is accounted for before panel installation even begins. This evaluation takes the property layout, existing wiring, and directional benefits into consideration.

Once the installation site has been evaluated, permits and documentation for the solar panels and associated products are acquired. With permits in place, we can move on towards ordering the equipment necessary to make sure that the installation will run at its best.

The actual solar panel installation process is next. Once the equipment is set up, our team will move forward with the customer approval process and making sure that everything is seamlessly interconnected.

Advantages to Adding a Solar Power System to Your Home or Business

Solar power systems come with a long list of benefits that our residential and commercial customers alike find appealing. Many people request our installation services as a way to reduce overall operating costs and cut down on energy bills.

Not only do solar power systems increase the value of a property, but they produce clean energy, too, which helps the environment. This is a big draw for customers who are looking to contribute to a green future and function more sustainably overall.

There’s no need to worry about maintenance with a solar power system. Many customers who have them installed will find that they are eligible to claim associated tax credits, as well.

Factors to Consider Before You Have a Solar System Installed

The next step is to make sure that you’ve considered logistics that can affect installation.

Geography is a priority when it comes to successfully installing a solar power system on a home or business. It affects the location of the panels, as well as the way in which they are mounted.

The goal is always to place panels in a position where they can absorb as much sunlight as possible. This means considering options like the roof, carport, or canopies for an installation plan that will be efficient and effective. In some cases, ground-mounted solar panels are a better option.

Considering the number of panels that your home or business will require is also important. Typically, the final number will be determined based on the wattage of the panels you purchase and how much energy your property consumes monthly.
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Financing Options with Suntalk

At SunTalk, we’re passionate about helping customers to set up the solar power systems that will work for them. We’re just as committed to helping them finance the purchase.

Our team of representatives can help every customer we serve to determine which financing options they’re eligible for. We work closely with partner finance companies to make payment for solar systems affordable through low-interest rates and customized repayment options. In some cases, we can even help customers get set up to pay for their systems by borrowing against their home equity.

We’re Here When You’re Ready to Go Solar

When you’re ready to enhance the energy efficiency of your home or business, the team at SunTalk Solar is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our products and comprehensive solar installation services.


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The crew did a terrific job on the installation at my house. Their attention to detail was very evident and much appreciated. The system looks great.
Matt M
Your team was very good at making sure I understood the system and was consistent about leaving the yard spot free of debris. Great job and they deserve kudos on a job well done!
Stacy D.
Just wanted to pass along the kind words from Anni I. She was raving about the crew and said they were absolutely amazing, and she wants to bring you all cookies :) She is so happy with her installation.
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