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Owning a home and running a business are both endeavors that take significant time, effort, and commitment. At SunTalk Solar, our team of dedicated experts is here to help reduce energy costs across Denver and the Front Range for homeowners and business owners alike through the installation of solar-powered and energy efficiency solutions.

We take energy efficiency seriously and understand that our customers are looking to improve their homes and businesses with solutions that are effective and good for the environment. We’ve long believed in the power of solar energy efficiency solutions when it comes to saving money and helping protect the planet.
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LED Lighting

SunTalk provides strategic lighting distribution plans and energy efficient solutions for commercial and industrial spaces. Upgrading to LED Lighting creates long lasting energy savings and provides an excellent return on investment. Utility rebate and financing programs are available to help make LEDs work for you from day one.

Energy Controller

SunTalk provides onsite testing of your equipment energy usage, such as air conditioners, furnaces, freezers, compressors, industrial and manufacturing equipment. We then determine the efficiency of equipment so that we can install the energy controller that best fits your needs. Energy controllers help increase efficiency, reduce electrical consumption and reduce your equipment’s operating temperature. This can lead to extended life of your equipment.
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SunTalk Solar Helps Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Home and Business

At SunTalk Solar, every project we take on begins with a meaningful conversation. Whether a customer is looking for an energy management system for their home or business, it’s important that we fully understand their needs to come up with efficient and tailored solutions.

Our team of experts works closely with customers to design a customized electrical plan that not only helps to save on energy costs but incorporates eco-friendly efforts into the home or office setup. Our solar energy efficiency solutions often include the installation of LED lights and an electric energy controller to seamlessly monitor energy consumption over time. In this way, our energy management system installation process is extremely comprehensive for customers.
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LED Lights Versus Traditional Bulbs

When it comes to energy efficiency, there are some big differences to note between LED bulbs and traditional light bulbs. Short for light-emitting diode, many customers we work with are surprised to learn that LED bulbs aren’t even technically lightbulbs!

At a fundamental level, LED bulbs are plastic-wrapped semiconductors that work to focus light flow. LED bulbs don’t possess wire filaments and force light to shine in only one direction.

Traditional light bulbs, otherwise known as incandescent bulbs, produce both light and heat at their filaments when energy flows through the structure. Comparatively, LED bulbs exclusively create photons when energy is run through them – a process that creates minimal heat and subsequently far less energy output.

Many homeowners and business owners who decide to install LED lights over traditional light bulbs are thrilled by the fact that they can achieve comparative lighting effects using only a fraction of the energy. 12-watt LED flood lamps are known to create output comparable to a 50-watt traditional bulb.

The Advantages of LED Bulbs for Lighting Installations

The best energy efficiency solutions are those that have clear, long-term benefits. While LED bulbs are more costly upfront than halogen bulbs, the savings earned after only a year of use makes LED lights an installation that costs only a little more than a typical lighting system.

It’s important for those looking to upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting standards to consider the lifespan of the bulbs they select as well. Many 5-watt LED lamps outlast their 35-watt halogen counterparts with ease. When paired with the cost-saving benefits of LED lamps, the choice is often simple.

Overall, LED options are up to 80% more energy-efficient than traditional lightbulbs, and reducing the need to replace bulbs as often can cut down on maintenance costs. Those who have LED bulbs installed in their homes and offices will ultimately be able to run more lighting throughout a space using less wire and smaller transformers.

Aesthetically, LED bulbs are available in a variety of colors and shades for those who value a customized ambiance. These bulbs are known for the cool and specific light they cast which is appealing to many.
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Energy Controller Basics

An energy controller is a simple mechanism that makes a big impact on enhanced energy efficiency in the home or office. Integrated into a larger energy management system, this technology is part of a computer-assisted effort to both monitor and control energy consumption in a specific space.

These helpful systems can be programmed to look at and monitor features throughout a home or office such as pumps, dampers, fans, HVAC, and lighting. The energy efficiency of each is optimized by the system using real-time data to make the appropriate adjustments as needed.
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The Advantages of an Energy Controller

There are many reasons homeowners and business owners may integrate an energy controller into their energy management system. For some, the draw is linked directly to the reduced energy costs.

Others love that an energy controller can improve facility performance. This in turn can significantly affect the return on investment for commercial spaces looking to closely monitor monthly energy bills.

Working with SunTalk Solar for Commercial & Residential Energy Efficiency Solutions

At SunTalk Solar, we’re committed to helping our customers achieve the energy-efficient solutions they deserve while making the process smooth and seamless. Our team is known for our fast and reliable service as well as our attention to detail.

Every home and office we work in is unique, so we’re dedicated to making sure we provide energy-saving options that are designed to match. We employ a team of passionate and licensed electricians that know what it takes to create cost-effective and effective solutions.

Our customers always enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re working with electricians that are never satisfied with just the standard. In fact, our team is constantly participating in training to keep up with the latest innovations and developments in the industry.

We are well-versed in local building codes as well as how those regulations affect specific projects we’re working on. Severe poisoning is characterized by precoma, low heart rate and pale skin. If the drug addict loses consciousness or goes into a coma and doesn’t get medical assistance, he/she will die. Our commitment to continuously learning gives us a competitive edge when it comes to finding solutions that work for our customers.

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At SunTalk Solar, we know that within the field of energy-efficient solutions, potential is limitless. We cater to customers looking for both commercial and residential options for making the spaces they live in and work in more energy-efficient year-round.

When you’re looking to make changes that are cost-saving and good for the planet, be sure to give us a call. Our dedicated team of professionals is here for you to help with all of your electrical and solar-installation needs!
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The crew did a terrific job on the installation at my house. Their attention to detail was very evident and much appreciated. The system looks great.
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Your team was very good at making sure I understood the system and was consistent about leaving the yard spot free of debris. Great job and they deserve kudos on a job well done!
Stacy D.
Just wanted to pass along the kind words from Anni I. She was raving about the crew and said they were absolutely amazing, and she wants to bring you all cookies :) She is so happy with her installation.
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